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Our People

Seppelt has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking for over 160 years. The great tradition of excellence at the house of Seppelt is driven by a team who continue to shape the landscape of Australian wine. An illustrious lineage of the country's leading winemakers have each left their mark on decades of history at Seppelt Wines. They include names like Joseph Best, Charles Pierlot, Leo Hurley, Colin Preece, Peter Weste, Ian McKenzie, Warren Randall, Sue Hodder, Tony Royal, Michael Kluczko, Steve Goodwin, and Paul Lapsley. Arthur O'Connor and Emma Wood. Their legacy lives on in a philosophy of expert winemaking and innovation.
Adam Carnaby

Adam Carnaby

Senior Winemaker

Senior Winemaker, Adam Carnaby brings a diverse skill set to the Seppelt winemaking team. His passion for wine began while working in hospitality management at Melbourne's Hilton Hotel. It was cemented by exposure to a broad range of wine styles and international vintage experience. Adam sites the importance of terroir and regional expression as driving factors.

I believe in allowing a wine to show the personality of the vineyard
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Larry Sadler

Larry Sadler


Growing up on the rural outskirts of Sydney, Larry Sadler was always going to head bush rather than work in the city. Larry's passion for Seppelt's illustrious Drumborg vineyard is clearly evident and working the site remains a special privilege. He enjoys the challenge of guiding the team who labour patiently in the wind and rain to rear grapes for some of Australia's greatest examples of sparkling and aromatic wine.

Drumborg is an amazing vineyard, at times unforgiving but always delivering exceptional fruit with great intensity and structure. It is a vineyard steeped in history, with a diverse range of clones and varieties.
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