Racks of wine bottles in the underground cellar

Our Philosophy

Seppelt is a winery of great history and for over 160 years, winemakers at Seppelt have been crafting wines of quality and diversity. Our winemaking team draws inspiration from the great wines of the world and from the great winemakers of Seppelts' history, including Colin Preece and Ian Mackenzie, who were instrumental in producing some of Australia's iconic wines. As a result we are continually striving to challenge our understanding of wine and wine styles.

Our vineyards are our greatest resource, and as winemakers we believe we are the custodians of these sites, which are the legacy of the pioneers of the Grampians wine region Joseph Best, Hans Irvine and the Seppelt family. Our vineyard staff are passionate and committed to producing high quality fruit from each of our great properties in Great Western, Drumborg and Heathcote.

Seppelt Promo Tiles Vines Closeup

During vintage, our winemakers spend a large amount of time in the vineyards, getting to know the blocks and the fruit, to better understand how express their personality in the winery. Although harvest is a busy time for our crew, it is also exciting and enjoyable to watch the hard work in the vineyard finally take shape. Attention to detail in the winery and the dedication of our winery staff during vintage and throughout the entire year enables us to produce wines of expression and character. As we draw fruit from many regions around Victoria, it is important that the winemaking reflects these sites and yet produces wines that are balanced and complex and most importantly, delicious!