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Heathcote is renowned for its ancient red earth, surrounded by grazing country and ironbark bushland, located 120km north of Melbourne and to the north of the Great Dividing Range.

seppelt heathcote victoria australia wine region
Red soils & cool climate

The region has a temperate continental climate moderated by cool winds, producing deeply coloured, rich and seductive wines. Vines were planted in the region as early as 1858.

Heathcote shiraz is deeply influenced by the local soils, in particular a long band of red volcanic soil winding up to the Mount Camel Range. This fertile, rust coloured Cambrian earth is more than 100 million years old.

seppelt mount ida vineyard
Mount Ida Vineyard

Seppelt’s Mount Ida Vineyard is dedicated to premium shiraz. The Mount Ida Shiraz draws its power from dry grown, specially selected reserve parcels, which lend a plush palate and fine tannin profile to the wine.