Celebrating the 2018 Luxury Collection
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Adam Carnaby Seppelt Winemaker

Our Wines

Seppelt has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking since 1851. Through a tradition of expert winemaking and a passion for innovation, we are renowned for producing elegant table and sparkling wines from an exceptional collection of vineyards.

Seppelt also paved the way for progressive cool climate style wines in Australia, producing one of the country’s first sparkling wines, and pioneering the iconic sparkling Shiraz.

    Luxury Collection 2018
  • 2018 Seppelt Luxury Collection

    Luxury Collection 2018

    An exceptional collection of our most eminent wines displaying the celebrated styles and excellence Seppelt is renowned for.
  • Seppelt Icons
  • Seppelt Icons Range

    Seppelt Icons

    Seppelt’s Icon wines are the pinnacle of our collection. Hallmark expressions of uncompromising quality and elegance, these celebrated wines reflect the excellence of their style and sourcing.
  • Drumborg Single Vineyard
  • Seppelt’s famous Drumborg vineyard is celebrated for producing some of Australia’s finest single vineyard wines

    Drumborg Single Vineyard

    The renowned Drumborg Vineyard is celebrated for producing some of Australia’s finest single vineyard wines.
  • Foundation
  • Seppelt Foundation Range


    Foundation wines harness the varietal expression and regional character of great Victorian wine country.
  • Salinger
  • Salinger Sparkling Range


    Seppelt is home to a long tradition of crafting sophisticated sparkling wine.
  • Sparkling Shiraz
  • Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz Range

    Sparkling Shiraz

    A distinctive Australian style, Sparkling Shiraz is engrained in Seppelt’s rich history and heritage.
  • One Mile Drive
  • Seppelt One Mile Drive is a premium collection of classic Australian varietals.

    One Mile Drive

    A premium and contemporary collection of classic Australian varietals.
  • The Great Entertainer
  • Seppelt The Great Entertainer is a fresh and lively collection of crowd pleasing drops specially crafted for great entertainers alike

    The Great Entertainer

    Still and sparkling wines offering a fresh and approachable collection of crowd-pleasing favourites.
  • The Drives
  • The Drives Range

    The Drives

    A series of classic wines that capture the essence of Victoria.
  • Fleur De Lys
  • Fleur De Lys Range

    Fleur De Lys

    A sparkling series showcasing pure fruit flavour and a crisp, dry finish.